File a Complaint

If filing your complaint online, first scan and then upload all supporting documents. If you cannot submit your complaint online, you can print the Complaint Form and mail it in with copies of all supporting documents, if available.

Type of Complaint When to Use
General Consumer Complaint Any other complaint not listed below. (Any Business)

Bureau of Securities
Complaint regarding an investment or financial professional.

New Car (Lemon Law)
Complaint involving a defect in a new car within the first 2 years of ownership or 24,000 miles.
New Car Consumer Brief: (English / Spanish)

Used Car (Lemon Law)
Complaint involving a defect in a used car up to 7 model years old.
Used Car Consumer Brief: (English / Spanish)

Motorized Wheelchair (Lemon Law)
Complaint involving a defect in a powered wheelchair or mobility scooter within the one-year warranty period.
Motorized Wheelchair Consumer Brief: (English / Spanish)

If you file anonymously, the Division cannot update you on the status of your complaint or obtain restitution for you. The Division may also need to contact you for additional information before we can begin an investigation. Please read the following information before filling out a complaint.