EFFECTIVE DATE:  December 23, 2023

Dear Temporary Emergency Reciprocity License (TERL) Holders,


On November 20, 2023, New Jersey amended P.L. 1991, c.31, allowing applicants who pass the Certified Respiratory Therapy ("CRT") examination administered by the National Board of Respiratory Care ("NBRC") to apply for a plenary license as a respiratory care therapist in the State of New Jersey. This law expands New Jersey's pool of qualified respiratory care professionals by recognizing both the Registered Respiratory Therapist ("RRT") and CRT exam.


The Division of Consumer Affairs ("Division") has updated the an online application to allow for CRTs that wish to obtain a plenary license in New Jersey. Please visit for detailed information on licensure requirements and to access the online application.


As the TERL program will end on March 31, 2024, all TERL holders will remain authorized to practice in New Jersey until that date.  Those that wish to continue the practice of respiratory care in New Jersey after ​March 31, 2024, must be approved by the State Board of Respiratory Care for licensure by March 31, 2024. This requires not only the submission of a completed online application, but also the provision of all other necessary documentation to the State Board of Respiratory Care (Board) as well as allowing sufficient time for processing, including the mandatory criminal history background check. Please be advised you will be provided instructions to have your fingerprints taken once you submit your application. The background check results may take several weeks once you schedule your fingerprinting appointment. Please be mindful of this timeframe. Any applicant not granted licensure by the Board by March 31, 2024, must immediately cease the practice of respiratory care in the State of New Jersey.


We sincerely thank you for your invaluable service during the public health emergency.  We encourage all TERL holders interested in continuing to practice respiratory care in New Jersey to submit their online applications as soon as possible.

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